👨‍💻 Software Engineering

Since 2007 I have been working in the IT industry. I started with technical support, webmaster (remember that word?) of some websites, and managing Linux servers. Then I went to web development, I've developed websites and apps using Stacks as:

  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, and Php).
  • JOTL (Java, Oracle DB, Tomcat, and Linux).
And now I'm starting with MERN (Mongo, Express, React, and NodeJS), and JAM (Javascript, API's and markup). I have a background in SysAdmin, InfoSec, SEO, Analytics, Web Content, and other fields. Sometimes I do Freelancing Jobs at Upwork

👨‍🏫 Teacher

I love to share my knowledge with others. Since 2015 I am a teacher in colleges and universities in Pereira and Teach on my Youtube channel and Platzi (you can see more on Linkedin). The Topics I Cover in class: Algorithms, Basic programming, Oriented Object programming, Databases, information security, web design, Frontend development, Backend development, Software Engineering.

👨‍💻 Side Projects

Some projects, some of them with code in Github/Gitlab.

Name Description
ColombiaDev survey - 2020 Analysis of Colombia Dev survey . dashboard
spacex-platzi - 2020 A web application that shows info of SpaceX, using spaceX rest API. code
Game Of Life JS - 2020 Conway's Game Of Life - in Javascript . code
Torre mentors - 2020 Torre mentors - find your next mentor (in Torre network). code
Rock, Paper, Scissor - 2020 Rock, Paper, Scissor game in Java
Honeygram - 2020 Instagram clone with Svelte, see live demo, also with Sapper,check the source
To Do App - 2020 To do app (task list), made with: MongoDb, Mongoose, ExpressJs, Nodejs, and Ejs
Social network - 2019 Tiny Social network in Java, from my Platzi course: Java with persistence
Gatos App - 2019 Java App to see random cats from an API, from my Platzi course: Java with persistence
Vulnerability in Tigo's bill service - 2018 Vulnerability in Tigo's bill service (tigo is a ISP - internet service provider)
Css Dogs - 2017 Static web site to teach CSS.
Hemianopia - 2015 visual interface to understand visual deficiencies.
Travel planning - 2014 App for travelers choose a place, a budget, and the app give u options for: food, transport, housing entertainment.
Whatsapp Status - 2014 Web to check whatsapp status from any number
Referral System - 2014 Referral System in php and mysql with 3 hierarchy levels
Wifi auditor ported to Mac OS - 2014 Wifi auditorported to Mac OS
Toll Simulator - 2009 Toll Simulator for Business administration students in 2009

📖 Translator and Contributor

I also enjoy help communities or projects with Contributions (as Local Guide in Google Maps) and translations (from English to Spanish).

Name Description
Twitter I helped with Twitter translation in 2009
Technical debt article by Martin Fowler I translated this article in spanish
Startup PlayBook With PlatziTeam we translated the startup guide to spanish
My Band (xiaomi) Map Translated in spanish
OKR article in Wikipedia Translated in spanish

🗣️ Speaker

Talks in events and conferences.

Name Description
Desplegando apps en minutos - 2019 Talking about Digital Ocean (Cloud provider)
Introducción a Owasp - 2019 Introduction to OWASP (open web application security project) Slides
Introducción a git y gitlab - 2019 Speaking about Git and Gitlab
When Security is the last thing - 2018 Talking about some security vulnerabilities i found in some universities
Seguridad informática - 2018 Talking about information security and how to start in infosec
Hacking demo - 2018 In Campus Party Colombia i was showing Hacking techniques
Teletrabajo - 2018 How to work remote
ma' in in TV - 2028 I was in Telecafe (local TV Channel) talking about information Security
Hackeando el sistema de votación - 2018 Talking about how a contest was "hacked"
Hacking techniques - 2018 Common Hacking techniques
Hacking with Search Engines - 2018 Google Hacking WorkShop
hacking a 1 clic de distancia - 2017 In Barcamp security Edition 2017 talking about Google Hacking and Shodan
From http to https - 2017 From http to https
Buscando en el internet de las cosas - 2017 Talking about security in IoT (internet of things), with Shodan
El amplio mundo de las TICs - 2016 Talking about the world of technology
Travel Planning Pitch - 2014 In StartupWeekend Pereira in 2014, i was speaking to mentors with travel Planning (app for travelers)
Seguridad en Wordpress - 2013 Speaking in Barcamp Security 2013 about security in Wordpress
Ubuntu y alternativas libres a aplicaciones - 2009 In Flisol (festival latinoamericano de instalación de software libre) i spoke about Ubuntu (linux distro) and open source apps

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